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Our Purpose

STAR will exist to introduce and develop skills and a passion for the theatrical arts. It will serve as an open environment where individuals can learn about and experience all aspects of theater (not just performing). STAR will hold biweekly/weekly lunch meetings and flexible morning/after school rehearsals where we will prepare for projects (show tunes, scenes, monologues, full-length shows) and foster appreciation for theatre. STAR will also plan outings to experience local theatre.

What we Do

Star has monthly meetings via zoom, biweekly/weekly in person meetings in Room 226 (Ms. Dohm’s room). We provide performance opportunities (Open Mics, Miscast Night, Mock Audition, etc.). We also watch performances from other highschool/college/community theatre departments. We can provide an inclusive environment for anyone interested in the performing arts or anyone who wants a place to chill and be supported

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