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Club Events



Club Rush is a week-long event in the beginning of the school year. All the clubs on campus set up a booth in the amphitheater during lunch, and club performances take place. The purpose of Club Rush is to give students the opportunity to ask clubs questions and gather more information about them before joining. Students will have the entire week to sign up for the clubs they desire to be a part of.


Multicultural Week is a large, school-wide event in February where clubs can participate in food sales and performances. The week starts with Monday Mashup, where select clubs can perform during lunch and give a preview for what the rest of the week entails. Tickets are sold for $1 each and can be used to purchase food from various clubs throughout the week during lunch. International night is a series of performances put on by many different clubs for an audience of family and friends. Multicultural Week ends with a school rally, where the same performances are repeated for the staff and student body.


Winter Coffeehouse is a seasonal event held in the round room. Performances are open to clubs and anyone interested in showing off their talent, ex: singing/dancing. They are held all throughout the week, and food is available to those who come. 

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