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Bulletin for December 11,2023

Good Morning Titans 

Please stand for the pledge of allegiance:

I pledge Allegiance to the flag

of the United States of America

and to the Republic for which it stands,

one nation under God, indivisible,

with Liberty and Justice for all.

On this day in History 

1932 San Francisco's coldest day (27°F) - it snowed

The schedule change request window for term 2 has opened. To submit a request, you must complete the google form that was emailed to you or scan the QR code on the counselor's door. The last day to submit requests is Friday, December 15 at 3:20

Titan Thrift has been relocated due to construction and therefore we will have bins in the quad open for all students to take whatever free clothing you want. These bins have a lot of warm clothing in them including warm jackets and sweaters.  So go grab yourself some free clothing

Titans, if you are interested in joining the boy's volleyball team this season, there will be an informational meeting on Dec 19 during lunch in Room 140. See Mr. Nguyen if you have any questions.


Sports for the Week:

Monday December 11,2023

   Boys Soccer: JFK @ Tennyson 4/6

Tuesday December 12, 2023

   Boys Basketball: JFK @ Washington 4/5:30/7

   Girls Basketball: @ Washington 5:30/7

   Girls Soccer: JFK vs. Newark 3:30JFK/ 6TAK 

Wednesday December 13, 2023

   Boys Soccer: JFK @ Newark 4/6

   Wrestling: JFK vs Irvington 5:30  

Thursday December 14, 2023

   Boys Basketball: JFK vs Hayward 4/5:30/7

   Girls Soccer: JFK @ Moreau 4/6

Friday December 15, 2023

   Boys Basketball: JFK @ Concord –-/5:30/7

   Boys Soccer: JFK vs Moreau 3:30JFK/ 4TAK

Saturday December 16, 2023

   Wrestling: JFK @ Bill Martell Invite @ Northgate High School All day     

Have a great day Titans!

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