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Our Purpose

The Polynesian Club’s main goal is to give the student body a safe and educational way to express themselves through the dances of the Polynesian culture. This will give them a small escape from the stresses of school and home life for at least a short while every week. The club will teach the moves and dances of the Polynesian culture and the students participating will be rewarded with the opportunity to perform in front of their peers and/or other organizations.

What we Do

The Polynesian Club teaches our club members the basic moves of the Polynesian culture. Every year we participate in Multicultural week and teach both a Hula and a Tahitian dance, as well as Haka to our club and perform during Multicultural Night and the Multicultural Rally. We also perform in local places. We have club bondings sometimes, and spend time together to get to know each other and enjoy everyone’s presence. During Multicultural week, we sell Chicken Katsu in the Amp along with the other clubs from our school.

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