STOP Motion animation

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Our Purpose

In Stop Motion Animation Club, known as SMAC, we learn about the art of stop motion animation. We strive to spread this style of animation around, and we want people to use their creativity and passion to go to infinite lengths with animation. Our club’s purpose is to simply have fun with the form of stop motion and to create wonderful, detailed short animations.

What we Do

You might ask what we do during our meetings. Every meeting, we go over a few things related to the form of animation and watch wonderful works of art created by our own officers and club members. We choose themes for our animations that are due by the next meeting, when we can watch all the animations submitted again. This way, we can see the creativity of all our club members. And for those who worked extra hard, their animation gets to be posted on social media, on our Instagram account. 


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Mrs. Castro



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Bhairavi Senthilkumar


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Morgan Nguyen


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Vanisha Mishra


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Agam Mahay

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