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Our Purpose

The purpose of IDEAS (Improving Dreams, Equality, Access, and Success) is to bring awareness to systematic issues and involve staff and students in conversations and taking action in the classroom. Our members strive to advocate for all students at JFK and beyond.


What we Do

IDEAS works in committees that each strive to spread awareness and take action for current social justice issues. In the Forum Planning committee, we plan social justice forums that bring staff and students together to educate each other and take action at school. In PR, we create up-to-date, informational posts about current events. In the Video Team, we write, film, and edit videos that showcase the importance of equality and inclusivity.


     Katelyn Twist                  Olivia Johnson              Hannah Krause

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President                       Vice President                    Secretary

Ms. Castillo

Abigail Headley                Collette Headley

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  Treasurer                           Publicist

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