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About ASB

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What is ASB?

ASB (associated student body) is a group of devoted student leaders from all different backgrounds who come together to lead our community.  We are a voice for our community and work to make Kennedy a safe environment for all. We unite the staff and student body through various events that we organize. 

Our Mission

The mission of ASB class of 2024 is not only to promote participation, enthusiasm, and leadership amongst John F. Kennedy High School peers, but also to forge harmonious relationships in coordination with them. In light of doing so, we wish to mold a symbiotic environment towards students of all ages, promoting dedicated, charismatic, and open mindsets. In order to accomplish this vision, we aim to lead by example and provide adequate advocacy to invigorate students to our exuberant cause. 

About: Team Members

ASB Officers

alana - asb prez_marketing.jpg


Alana Paje

Class of 2024

kat - activities.jpg


Katriella De Guzman

Class of 2024

yasmin - activities.jpg


Yasmin Jweinat

Class of 2024

ASB Committees

Clubs - The Clubs committee oversees all clubs on campus. They host important club events such as Club Rush, Multicultural, and more.

Athletics - This committee is a way for ASB to reach out to the student body, They can host events for the students, post on social media, and so much more.

Tech - The Tech committee oversees everything "technological" within ASB. Tech works with other committees and manage the Titan TV Youtube channel.

Marketing - Marketing is the committee that is mainly focused on publicizing ASB and school-wide events. They are usually in charge of all flyers, posters, and more put out from ASB

Activities - Activities committee plans and executes activities put on throughout the year, both big and small.

Student Store - They oversee the entire student store, they keep track of inventory and sell clothes to the student body.

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